The editorial process is essential to well-crafted writing.

Receive in-depth analysis from experienced editors who spend their days neck-deep in speculative fiction, science fiction, dark fiction, and horror. We are currently accepting short fiction projects only (10,000 words or fewer).


There are many different types of editing services, but no universally agreed upon definitions for those different types of edits. What follows are our personal definitions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask during your consultation.

Developmental Editing

AKA Structural Editing.
This is generally the first step in the editorial process. 
Developmental editing involves evaluating “big picture” story-related issues. We’ll consider your story’s plot, pacing, flow, tense, theme, imagery, settings, characters, clarity, point-of-view, and dialogue, then provide you with an annotated manuscript and a detailed critique.

$45 per hour  |  4-6 pages per hour

Line Editing

AKA Stylistic or Comprehensive Editing.

This micro approach focuses on words and sentences. We’ll evaluate each line of your manuscript, ensuring your execution matches your intent and eliminating redundancy and repetition to improve flow. When we’re done, we’ll provide you with an annotated manuscript containing tracked changes.

$45 per hour  |  4-6 pages per hour

Mechanical Editing

AKA Copyediting.
We study grammar, mechanics, syntax, consistency, and punctuation so you don’t have to! We’ll ensure your work conforms to The Chicago Manual of Style and is free of grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors. You’ll receive a clean, corrected manuscript and a style sheet.

$35 per hour  |  7-10 pages per hour

Substantive Editing

AKA Full Editing.

This service combines developmental, mechanical, and line editing. We consider organization, presentation, prose, mechanics, and style, and make any necessary corrections. All revisions will be tracked.

$65 per hour  |  Productivity varies.


Spanish to English

Monica will translate your story from Spanish to English, retaining your tone and style. This service includes translation and mechanical editing to conform to The Chicago Manual of Style.

$80 per hour

English to Spanish

Monica will translate your story from English to Spanish, retaining your tone and style. This service includes translation and mechanical editing to conform to The Chicago Manual of Style.

$80 per hour


Beta + Sensitivity Reading

Receive in-depth analysis and feedback on your plot, characters, descriptions, style, and everything in between. This service includes sensitivity reading. We’ll provide commentary and suggest resources and services that might benefit you or your story.

Single Editor Review: $40 per hour  |  4-10 pages per hour
Joint Review: $80 per hour | 4-10 pages per hour

Accountability Check-Ins

Are you the kind of writer who could use some structure, supervision, and support? With the Accountability Check-In package, you’ll receive four 30-minute check-in calls, one each week, scheduled on days and times that work for you. During these calls, we’ll ask about the progress you’ve made, evaluate the direction your project is moving in, and provide any feedback and advice you require.
$100 per month or $25 per Check-In

Is this your first time?

Working with freelancers for the first time can be intimidating! Clients who would prefer the reassurance of a third-party intermediary are welcome to hire us through Upwork, which provides a suite of tools that facilitate contract negotiation and project management. We collaborate on Upwork projects as well (just as we do here).


GENRES: We specialize in science fiction, speculative fiction, and adjacent subgenres, including: cyberpunk, silkpunk, slipstream, ecofiction, utopian, dystopian, and post-apocalyptic. We are also happy to take on horror and dark fiction projects. We will not accept stories that feature sexual assault, child abuse, pedophilia, incest, or anything similarly vile.

ETHICS: To avoid the appearance of impropriety, we do not consider stories we edit here for publication on The Dread Machine or in any of our anthologies. If you’d like to submit to The Dread Machine but require editorial or translation services, we’ll be happy to provide recommendations to other freelance editors we know and trust.

PAYMENT: We work on a retainer basis and invoice through Paypal. We work with one client at a time on a first-come, first-served basis. We highly recommend securing your job promptly, as our offers expire in 24-hours.

TIMELINE: After our consultation, we’ll provide you with a work agreement that will include a project timeline. We guarantee completion of your project by the estimated completion date.